• Celebrating Four Decades of Barry Oshry

    Celebrating Four Decades
    of Barry Oshry

    Transforming System Blindness Into System Sight

“Oshry, one of the truly great management educators of the era, has offered a whole generation a new way of thinking about leading human systems. Every manager, executive, and leader benefits from the insights that jump out of his provocative writings. His ideas will still be sparkling decades from now.”

Kenwyn Smith,
Professor, Wharton Business School and the Fels School of Government.


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The Organic Systems Perspective
Oshry’s provocative pamphlet describing the theory of human systems underlying all of his work.

Between A Rock and A Hard Place and Other Joys of Being In The Middle
The illustrated e-book relating the transformation of a harried Middle from frustration and despair to empowerment and contribution.

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Exclusive for teachers of Organizational Behavior and related subjects:

A one-hour on-line seminar with Barry and your graduate student class.
A limited number of these class dialogues are available. There is no cost for this session. The sole requirement is that one of the following books be purchased for or by each student. The book chosen, its implications and applications, will become the subject of the dialogue. Contact Barry directly to arrange for a seminar.

Context Context Context
Systems Letter
Seeing Systems
Leading Systems
Possibilities of Organization
In The Middle

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Celebrating Four Decades of Barry Oshry
Context Context Context (153 pages)
by Barry Oshry

New. Using the tale of an organization in its struggle to achieve excellence, Oshry illuminates the power that comes from transforming system blindness into system sight. Witnessing the dialogue between mentor and mentee, the reader gets to the core of the awareness and choices underlying individual and organizational transformation. It is a tale with the potential to transform any organization – to bring insight into who we are and what we can become in all the systems of our lives.

“With immense care and great clarity, (Oshry) sets out a powerful language to describe and understand whole systems. The concepts not only help us to grasp more securely the profound personal and organisational consequences of our blindness to the contexts in which we live our lives but also grant us fresh perspectives from which to appreciate those contexts anew.”

Martin McNamara, Professor and Associate Dean for External Relations
UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems

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Celebrating Four Decades of Barry Oshry
The Systems Letter (139 pages)
by Barry Oshry

Early in his career, Barry Oshry felt dismissed and disregarded by an organization that had meant so much to him. Rather than simmer and sulk, he struck back with a a systems letter aimed at illuminating a whole system in all of its complexity. While it was addressed to specific individuals and sub-groups, to leaders and members, it was also addressed to all who have ever suffered indignities at the hands of their organizations. It offers invaluable insight for both the oppressors and the oppressed, while providing hope and inspiration to all those who have felt diminished, dismissed, and disrespected by their organizations.

“Barry is a true systems wizard, and The Systems Letter offers a unique glimpse of how he applied his own ideas in the messiness of real life. It’s a captivating story and a powerful glimpse of a whole system from multiple angles, shared with remarkable humility, vulnerability, openness, and poignancy.”

Brian Robertson
Creator of Holacracy

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Celebrating Four Decades of Barry Oshry
Seeing Systems 2nd Edition (266 pages)
by Barry Oshry

BEST SELLER. A critical antidote to the personal bias that dominates much of our thinking about life in the organization. Oshry demonstrates how many of our costly relationship breakdowns are systemic – not personal – and how they develop out of our blindness to the human systems of which we are a part. Using a lively mix of cases, dialogues, poetry, and cartoons, he shows how we can develop productive partnerships when we recognize and develop system sight.

“Precious few business books reveal know-how that fundamentally changes the way we operate and experience our world of work. Seeing Systems helps us grasp what really happens beneath the surface in organizations. Regardless of whether you are an executive, executive coach, middle manager or individual contributor, Seeing Systems provides powerful insights and applications for enhancing your effectiveness.”

Julian D. Kaufmann,
Senior Advisor at G100 Companies

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Celebrating Four Decades of Barry Oshry
Leading Systems (193 pages)
by Barry Oshry

Oshry shares the lessons he’s derived from his decades of work with the Power Lab, the leadership program that’s an intense microcosm of system life. He challenges conventional thinking by shedding light on the limitations of consensus, the importance of unilateral action, the restrictions our values can place on our power. He demonstrates what it takes to break out of familiar destructive patterns and elevate ourselves and our systems to higher levels of possibility.

"Oshry has succeeded in bringing to life the emotional consequences of being in different positions of power within the social system. I found this an exciting and illuminating book. It is vivid and creative in its highly personal way, and its message is highly provocative. It should be read by all levels within an organization."

Edgar Schein
Sloan Fellows Professor of Management Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management

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Celebrating Four Decades of Barry Oshry
Possibilities of Organization (208 pages)
by Barry Oshry

THE BOOK THAT STARTED IT ALL. In this disarmingly simple book, Oshry strips away the mystery and mythology of organizational life. Part I deals with “Internal Warfare”, a painfully familiar scenario in which organizations go to war with themselves. Part II demonstrates how misunderstandings and conflict develop across organizational lines. And Part III confronts us with our blindness to our own worlds and the critical choices we face daily that can transform our lives and the lives of our organizations.

“Anyone working with (or in) an organization can benefit from this book. The power is in its simplicity. But don't let the simplicity fool you. It is the real deal. Good, effective writing and presentation. I'm director of a nonprofit that does training, and I'll be using these principles within our organization, and with clients, every day. Thank you, Barry Oshry, for making them so accessible.”

Marc J. Fine

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Celebrating Four Decades of Barry Oshry
In The Middle (101 pages)
by Barry Oshry

THE book for those who regularly find themselves torn and pulled between the conflicting needs, demands, and priorities of others. Oshry demonstrates how the blindness to systemic forces diminishes individual effectiveness and contribution in the middle and limits the collective contribution of middle peers. It lays out strategies that enable Middles to become more confident, effective, and respected contributors to their organizations.

“Ever wish you could have a ton of experience dealing with exactly the problem you need to solve next? Well, here is a "laboratory-in-a-book" for you to jump into, feel all the queasiness of making exactly the wrong move, and jazzed about doing it right. This will elevate your consciousness on how management really works (and doesn't work) and why. After reading this, you won’t be irritated at uncooperative coworkers. You’ll see it’s the system, not them, and not you – and you’ll see a way to fix the problem.”

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